'The Rebel'

'The Rebel'
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

I will be a Speaker at Montphoto, Girona, Spain! You can see my new multimedia show Made in China, on the 4th of October 2014.

'Britta Jaschinski's session was one of the most moving, heart wrenching and beautifully portrayed talks I have ever encountered.' WILDSCREEN FESTIVALS 2012

Multimedia Show Made in China
‘These animals are shoddy, tatty, broken.  We cannot help but flinch away from meeting their gaze, with the embarrassing consciousness that we (as a species) are responsible for their suffering. These encounters portray nothing but constraint and torture: unimaginable abrogation of the animals’ normalcy, their autonomy, and their happiness.  This is what happens to animals in the clutches of human culture.’ Randy Malamud (Author)
Award winning photographer Britta Jaschinski, is a photographer of wildlife but in unconventional ways, using the medium of traditional black and white film to examine the nature of wildness. Jaschinski’s images show an insightful expression of the animal’s identity and individuality, an almost devout fascination with the animal’s spirit. But they also convey loneliness, alienation and displacement.
German-born and based in London, she learnt the craft of photography through working in advertising and still undertakes shoots for animal-charity ad campaigns. In the late 1990s, she undertook a major project documenting the haunting nature of confined animals, resulting in Zoo – a travelling exhibition and book, published by Phaidon Press. This was followed by a series of work examining our relationship with other living creatures in the wild and how nature can be seen as both eternal and transient, displayed in a European touring exhibition and the linked book Wild Things, published by Thames & Hudson.
In 2012 and in 2014 she travelled to China and documented animals at their worse suffering. Her photographs are an homage to the animal’s nobility and an angry protest at their constraints.
Jaschinski’s work is published and exhibited world-wide. She has received a number of major awards.