'The Rebel'

'The Rebel'
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Monday, 28 September 2015

Ghostly cheetah wants to raise awareness!

My award winning photograph Out of the Ashes is on show in London.


‘Thirty of the world’s most spectacular cheetah photographs are on display in London from 21 September–7 October 2015 to raise awareness of the cheetah’s plight in the wild. 
The exhibition will celebrate 25 years of groundbreaking research into saving Africa’s most iconic big cat by the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), Namibia. The images represent the work of many of the world’s finest big cat photographers, including Andy Rouse, David Lloyd, Charlie Hamilton James, Federico Veronesi, Paul Souders, Suzi Eszterhas, Angie Scott, Britta Jaschinski and Adrian Stiern. Together, they offer visitors to the gallery an intimate insight into the life of the planet’s fastest land animal, from the tenderness of a mother with her cubs to the remarkable skill and speed of the hunt.’        Sophie Stafford